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Mar 12 '14

The privilege of assuming it’s not about you.

Haley Morris-Cafiero is an artist, a photographer, and a scorned body.  Aware that her appearance attracts disgust and mockery from some, she decided to try to document people’s public disdain.  The result is a series of photographs exposing the people who judge and laugh at her. 

Sociologist Lisa Wade discusses her reaction to the images:

"I’d decided against [posting about these images] in the past because I anticipated a critique, one that dismissed the project on the argument that we can’t really know what is going through these people’s minds.  Maybe that cop is just a jerk and he does that to everyone?  Maybe the gawkers are looking at someone or something on the other side of her?  Where’s the proof that these are actually instances of cruel, public anti-fat bias?

But, as I’ve thought more about it, I actually think the project’s strength is in its ambiguity.”

Read why at Sociological Images.

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